A Space | Domaine de Boisbuchet | Lessac, FRA

Materials: Wood, Wooden Pallets, Bamboo, Cables

Inspired by the reflection of the dead white trees along the lake’s edge, the project aims to create an “ideal space."  The work is a symbol for many things; a place you wish to be in, a place to transport yourself to, a place to spark your imagination, a place to defy what is deemed possible, and much more.  Constructed in the span of a week, the work is more than simply a house floating in the water, or even more than an ideal space; it is a space that challenges the notion of space itself.  

Video of the workshop here

Made in collaboration with Sal Ahmed, Ari Diaz, Clara Kern, Scott Lin, Anna Lotova, Nathan Loyrette, Robert Schnyder, and Carlos Suarez, under Noe Duchafour-Lawrence.