Aqua Pavilion | Water Collection Shed

Location: Grow Pittsburgh Garden | Pittsburgh, PA

Tasked by Grow Pittsburgh to design a pavilion structure for its Uptown Garden site, the following project was designed as part of a two-week design charrette to provide a space that both collects, highlights, and utilizes collected rainwater as part of the agricultural process.  Composed of a simple wood frame structure, the pavilion is covered in opaque and translucent polycarbonate sheeting to shade and light to penetrate, while simultaneously protecting the interior space from rain. Each of the three frames is tilted inward to optimize water collection, with a central hanging tank showcasing the amount collected.  The collected water is either directed to an off-site storage vessel for garden watering, or can then be used inside the pavilion for aspects such as watering plants, washing produce, and cleaning equipment through hanging tubes that run throughout the structure. 

Made in collaboration with Irfan Haider, Ritchie Ju and Sally Sohn