Chroma: A Plexiglass Collection | Lunar Gala 2018: Ferox

Materials: Acrylic Plexiglass, Cotton, Neoprene

Fun. Playful. Hip. Today. Future. With and beyond the times. Chroma breathes life into the sterilized environment of the streets through the usage of color and transparency. Cut. Heated. Stretched. Layered. Woven. Perforated. Acrylic takes on a new life beyond its two dimensionality as it encompass the figure and its clothes, transforming from an element on fabric to its own textile.  Rigid structures drip over forms, bending fluorescent matter to the wearer’s will. Artistic. Crisp. Empowered. Effortless. Fearless. Accentuating confidence and augmenting the body, Chroma is true eye candy.


Watch the show here

This project was funded [in part] by Carnegie Mellon’s Undergraduate Research Office as part of research on the potentials of thermoforming plexiglass in architecture, spaces, and fashion

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Made in collaboration with Brandon Darreff & Alina Kramkova.