de·struo: A Casted Collection | Lunar Gala 2017: Sonder

Materials: Rockite Cement, Hydrocal Plaster, Mesh, Cotton

v. destroy, demolish, ruin | de + struo (to put together)

Originating from the Latin word destruam meaning break down, de·struo takes inspiration from concrete’s materiality and uses rockite and plaster to create casted forms that explore the deterioration of geometry. Through a transition from man-made shapes to more natural flows, this line tests the limits of casting and blurs the line between construction and fashion. By incorporating the usage of techniques ranging from digital modeling software and scripting to laser cutting and vacuum forming, unique geometries were crafted to create molds for casted forms. Added effects by hand including painting, cracking, and burning to bring a unique touch to each look as well. The collection showcases the inevitable transition from geometric and pristine to burned, cracked and ruined to bring forth beauty from the rubble. 


Watch the show here

This project was funded [in part] by Carnegie Mellon’s Undergraduate Research Office as part of research on the blending of architectural casting, technology, and fashion.

Featured in Trib Live Article

Featured in the Summer 2017 edition of CRIT 
Made in collaboration with Brandon Darreff & Gargi Lagvankar.