Vertical Garden | Computational Design

Materials: MDF

Inspired by the hexagonal fractalization and adaptability of beehives, HEX is a computationally designed “kit of parts” that enables the user to create a customizable hexagonal vertical garden. The system is composed of two types of flat hexagonal pieces, which can be repeated however the designer may choose to, and standardized vertical and horizontal connector pieces, which allow for different level heights to accommodate various plant heights and growth. Plants can be placed on any of the hexagons in the design, as well as hang from or even grow through the space of the hollow hexagonal pieces.  The system can expand from a child-friendly vertical garden, to a tall table, to even an abstracted set of steps that people and plants can inhabit that creates unique spaces above and below.

Made in collaboration with Ryan Auld, Zane Birenbaum and Sally Sohn