Lunar Gala 2019: Anomie

Pittsburgh, PA USA

As the largest fashion show in Pittsburgh, Lunar Gala is a completely student run and organized production at Carnegie Mellon University.  Selling out every year, the show goes beyond that of a fashion show to create an experience through sound, visuals, graphics, and performances. As the head of the design department, I organized the production of twenty fashion collections, worked with other departments to make sure designer visions were achieved in conjunction with the Lunar Gala brand, and collaborated in the development of the creative vision for day of show and audience experience.  Work for the show included all phases from reviewing applications and leading design consultations and workshops up to making sure collections were ready and best displayed to the public.  

Role: Head Design Coordinator

Audience: 1200 people

Approximate Cost: $50,000

Livestream of the show here