Millinocket | Design Workshop

Location: Penobscot Avenue | Millinocket, Maine USA

Organiation: Citizens' Institute on Rural Design

Located in Penobscot County, Maine USA, the town of Millinocket was founded by and sustained by Great Northern Paper Co. (GNP) in the 20th century. For 100 years, GNP provided jobs for the majority of resident families, and funded essential infrastructure, the school system, and the regional hospital. Globalization resulted in the mill’s closure in 2008, and the community has been grappling with the challenges of reversing that economic free-fall. The town sits at the headwaters of the Penobscot River at the terminus of the Appalachian Trail, offering four season recreational opportunities for visitors wanting to explore the woods and waters in the area.  Millinocket’s ability to capitalize on these draws is limited by its image as a defunct mill town with a dilapidated downtown.


Working with local stakeholders, CIRD aims to create a visual rendering - or “LookBook” - of Millinocket’s downtown corridor that store owners, private individuals, non-profits, and the town government canuse to aid in revitalization of the town and its tourism industry. The workshop supports the creation of conceptual design renderings of the downtown corridor based on community ideas, wayfinding research, walkability, and historical precedent. Visioning for the overall downtown area will produce a cohesive design concept that future investment in the area may embody. Work for the project included managing project logistics and communications, organizing meetings, drafting design materials, and helping collate the design report.