Planar Cloud | Autodesk Boston BUILD Space

Materials: Aluminum Sheets, Metal Epoxy, Metal Channels, Cables

As part of a Summer Robotic Fabrication Workshop at Autodesk Boston's BUILD Space, our team of ten students and two instructors embarked to create a permanent installation highlighting incremental forming of aluminum panels.  We first tested the extents of robotic metal deformation using a 6-Axis ABB Robot Arm, experimenting with different shapes, speeds, and extrusion depths. The design makes use of two panels glued together with a metal channel in-between to help with the rigidity of the sheets, and the final installation displays the possibilities of incremental metal forming by creating a center piece within a space for individual curiosity.

Video of the project here

Made in collaboration with Meghan Chin, Jack Fogel, Erin Fuller, Zhuoying Lin, Minyoung Jeong, Atefah Mahdavi, Nitesh Sridhar, Ryan Smith, and Annabelle Swain under Jeremy Ficca and Manuel Rodriguez Ladron De Guevara