School of Architecture Pavilion | Carnival 2018

Materials: Doors, Resin, Plywood, Paint

Tasked with creating a structure that would provide shading and seating for Carnegie Mellon’s Carnival weekend, the first-ever School of Architecture Pavilion showcases the dedication, creativity, and ingenuity of its students to the wider campus community.  The pavilion features a perforated plywood facade embedded with LEDs, and makes use of old solid core wood doors by stripping them of their old veneer and embedding a glow-in-the-dark resin design in to them. Interior and exterior elements included tables, stools, and benches for visitors. After the event, parts of the Pavilion were re-used to create furniture pieces.  Made with a team of 30 students alongside 2 fellow co-leads with a budget of $2750.

Video of the process here

Featured on the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture Webpage