Concrete Wall
There Is More Work To Be Done


Fabrication, Experience

Type of Project:

Curated Photography Exhibition

Summer 2021

In partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Housing Assistance Council, “There is More Work to Be Done” is a celebration of the work and impact of the struggle for equitable, affordable, and stronger communities in rural America, both past and present, inspired by the work of George “Elfie” Ballis (1925 - 2010). 


To Be Done Studio curated an online exhibition showcasing families and inhabitants across rural America, many of which still lack access to healthy, affordable, and fair housing. Through partnerships with local photographers and housing organizations in Appalachia, the rural South, and California, the exhibition situates the work of Ballis alongside new images to showcase the progress of rural housing developments across the country. 


Due to public health concerns, the exhibition was adapted to a digital format. Work for the project included leading the RFA process, managing communications and photographer-host organization partnerships, planning the exhibition timelines, coordinating social and PR efforts, selecting photographs, and creating the exhibition website. To view the full exhibition, visit