Concrete Wall
Topographic Textures


Fabrication, Experience

Type of Project:

Curated Photography Exhibition

Summer 2021

As part of the 2018-2019 Burdett Assistantship, the project showcases the power of water to sculpt landscapes in the context of the rivers of Pittsburgh. The project documents the evolution of Pittsburgh’s rivers in relation to urban development as it evolved from a manufacturing hub into a knowledge city by exposing latent connections through historical and architectural analysis.


Research trips were organized to study and document different conditions along the review: mouth, confluence, and bifurcation. The research was curated for a public exhibition as part of the city’s monthly Unblurred Gallery Crawl, featuring collages, videos, interviews, and historic records. The opening event featured a live painting of a topographic model of Pittsburgh to encourage public interaction. Many residents had never considered the wider reaches of the three rivers, and almost none had ever seen the entire city of Pittsburgh from a three-dimensional topographic view.

The culmination of the research project was the fabrication of a 1/300-scale topographic map of Pittsburgh to take the place of an outdated Nolli Map on Carnegie Mellon’s campus.  Made in collaboration with Gargi Lagvankar.